STEPHEN ROACH: 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bet Against China

Stephen Roach

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Morgan Stanley economist Stephen Roach gives comprehensive rebuttal to “the cottage industry of China doubters” in a new article at Project Syndicate.10 reasons why China is different include:

  • Careful strategy.
  • Commitment to stability.
  • High domestic savings.
  • Rural-urban migration.
  • Potential gains for consumption.
  • Potential gains for the service sector.
  • High foreign investment. Increasing education.
  • Lots of innovation.

Roach writes: “Unlike the West, where the very concept of strategy has become an oxymoron, China has embraced a transitional framework aimed at resolving its sustainability constraints. Moreover, unlike the West, which is trapped in a dysfunctional political quagmire, China has both the commitment and the wherewithal to deliver on that strategy. This is not a time to bet against China.

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