‘EXTREME MEDIA’: Trump adviser Stephen Miller is testing out a new insult for the mainstream media

Stephen miller

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller test-drove a new insult for traditional media outlets in an appearance on Fox News Tuesday night.

Speaking with host Laura Ingraham on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Miller repeatedly referred to the “extreme media,” a term he said he now prefers using to the more familiar pejorative “mainstream media.”

“There’s segments of the extreme media — I wouldn’t call it mainstream, because it’s extreme to want no borders, it’s extreme to want to have unlimited cheap migration driving down working class wages, these are extreme positions,” Miller said.

“And so the extreme media is going to whatever it can to tear down this president, but as long as the people stand for what they want and what they believe, then we’re gonna keep winning.”

It was Miller’s first interview since his testy exchange last week with CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a White House press briefing. Acosta questioned whether the White House’s new immigration policy, which seeks to limit legal immigration and give priority to those who speak English and have high job skills, prompting a back-and-forth that lasted several minutes.

On Tuesday, Ingraham praised Miller for what she called “the Acosta takedown,” adding that “we enjoyed it” in the Fox newsroom.