Stephen Fry announces that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer

Stephen Fry/YouTubeA still from Fry’s announcement video.
  • British actor and comedian Stephen Fry released a video on Friday morning describing his experience with prostate cancer.
  • He said a tumour was found late last year, and he had his prostate removed in January.
  • Fry said he hopes the operation means the cancer is now gone, but needs more information to be sure.

Stephen Fry has announced that he was diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer.

The actor, author, presenter, and comedian, considered a national treasure in Britain, made the announcement in a 12-minute video published on YouTube on Friday morning.

Fry, who is 60, said he was diagnosed in December last year after a routine check-up. After more scans and checks, Fry had an operation to remove his prostate in January.

He said he hopes that the operation means the cancer is gone for good, but needs more test results to be entirely sure.

Fry described his cancer as “an aggressive little bugger,” and said that his Gleason score, used to measure the severity of prostate cancer, was a nine out of 10.

He said he decided to make the announcement because “rumours had started to swirl,” and that a newspaper had contacted him to ask about his health.

He used the video to urge other men of his age to have themselves checked, as early diagnosis gives a much better chance of survival.

Fry is a prolific figure in the creative industries and, in addition to his writing and presenting, he has starred in films including “The Hobbit” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

He went on British television just weeks after his operation, appearing as a guest on Channel 4’s live topical chat show “The Last Leg” on February 4, during which he made no mention of his illness.

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