Stephen Curry’s fake White House résumé is pretty impressive

Obama steph

NBA MVP Stephen Curry and President Obama filmed a public service announcement for the My Brother’s Keeper mentorship program. It aired before the first NBA playoff game on ABC on Saturday.

The whole thing is funny and worth watching, but even if you watch it closely you might miss a great moment at the 0:05-second mark.

In a segment where Obama critiques Curry’s résumé, the camera flashes to his “résumé.” There are a few gems hidden in it (more below):

Stephen curry resume

The best parts:

1. Basketball Clipart:


2. Experience: “Dog-sat for Sunny and Bo at the White House in February 2015”:

Dog walker

3. Skills

This one is kind of hard to read, but in the video Obama says, “Incredible dancer? I don’t know if people are going to believe you.”

So context clues tell us “dancing at BDAY parties and in NBA locker rooms” is in the skills category.



Pretty good.

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