Stephen Curry Has Turned Into The Most Exciting Player In The NBA

Stephen CurryEzra Shaw/Getty ImagesStephen Curry showed off some ridiculous ball-handling Monday against the Thunder.

Stephen Curry continued to build his resume for MVP on Monday night.

In the Warriors’ 117-91 beatdown of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Curry finished with a cool 19 points on 7-14 shooting, to go with 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 4 steals.

Curry’s blossoming to even greater heights than before this season, and to top it off, he’s also becoming the premiere must-watch player in the NBA.

Curry’s known for being the best shooter in the NBA, but Monday night he showed off his dangerous, showman-like handles, making Russell Westbrook and the Thunder look silly in the process.

Curry got the game started by using a crafty dribble backwards through his legs, and then evading defenders for a scoop layup:

The replay better shows the ridiculous move:

Moments later, he threw a brilliant no-look pass to Klay Thompson, who put in 19 points himself. The greatness of the pass is that it lands right in Thompson’s shooting pocket — it’s a natural rhythm that allows him to get a clean shot up.


Curry kept on tantalising the Thunder as the game went on.

Later in the second half, after nearly losing the ball, Curry recovered, hit Westbrook with a behind the back dribble, and got all the way to the basket for another layup.

Curry kept messing with Westbrook. After using a series of moves to shake free, he got in the lane, and threw the pass through Steven Adams’ legs to Marreese Speights (who got blocked on a nice recovery from Adams):

There simply isn’t a more fun player to watch in the NBA right now. 

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