Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving appeared to mock LeBron James’ workout videos while dancing at a wedding

Steph curry

As a potential trade looms on the horizon, Kyrie Irving may not be improving his allegedly fractured relationship with LeBron James.

When Irving requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers, he reportedly said he didn’t want to play alongside James anymore.

While the particulars of James and Irving’s relationship are unknown, it may have taken a hit when Irving appeared to enjoy a laugh at James’ expense, courtesy of Stephen Curry.

Over the weekend, Curry and Irving attended the wedding for Dallas Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes. Video of the reception made its way to Instagram in which Curry appears to be mocking one of James’ workout videos as Irving laughed alongside of him.

Here’s Curry’s “dance”:

It features the same song as one of James’ most recent Instagram videos:

It’s unclear if any of this is meant as a shot at James or just good fun. After all, despite the rivalry between the Warriors and Cavs, most of the players seem to be on good terms. Draymond Green and James had a social media spat shortly after the Finals, that even with some harsh insults, seemed to be in good fun. 

After news of Irving’s trade demands were leaked, James took to Twitter to push back against the idea that he was mad at Irving.

However, given the state of the Cavs, perhaps there’s a bit more to this roasting of James. He surely can’t be happy about Irving having fun with Curry, whose Warriors just beat the Cavs. Additionally, there’s already reportedly some “disdain” for Curry’s success among NBA stars, including James.

Again, perhaps it’s all in good fun, but given the timing, it will be interesting to see if and how James responds.