Stephen Colbert just released a genius 'choose your own adventure' game online and you can play it right now

Stephen Colbert and his team has just created something wonderful.

On the CBS website today you can play an in-browser, text-based “choose your own adventure” type video game that is so witty it seems like it was written by Colbert himself (maybe it was?).

“You are Stephen Colbert. Congratulations!” goes the opening screen. “You are wandering the office because your show doesn’t start for two months and they won’t let you drive go-karts inside anymore.”

From there I rapidly found myself lost in a very Colbert-ian narrative that found me locked in the titular man-sized cabinet, kicking and biting at the walls. Soon, I found myself at this screen:

Maybe I should have followed Colbert’s prodding to explore deeper into the cabinet.

Business Insider editor Matt Johnston took that route and encountered centaurs, fantastic illustrations, and “Duke Nukem” references. (He’s still playing and calling out quotes as I type this up.)

We don’t want to spoil the rest of this silly, wonderful adventure so please do give it a shot.

Colbert’s script plays out through a clever piece of open-source storytelling software called “Twine” embedded on the CBS website. You can play through Colbert’s mad world here, or make a game of your own with the software.

Give it a shot. Trust us, it’s worth it.

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