Stephen Colbert Breaks Character Discussing 'Thanksgiving Under Attack' By Hanukkah

Stephen Colbert Comedy Central/’Colbert Report’Colbert cracks up after trying to draw a menorah and getting marker on his face.

Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will overlap this year — and the
next time that will happenwill be in the year 79811.

The unique event is being called “Thanksgivukkah,” and Stephen Colbert, for one, is not pleased with the convergence of holidays.

“Sadly, America’s sacred day dedicated to family and hearing Nana’s unvarnished opinions of Filipinos is in danger — because this is Thanksgiving under attack,” Colbert joked Tuesday night on his Comedy Central show.

“How dare you, Hanukkah?!” he continued. “These two holidays have nothing in common! Hanukkah celebrates the struggle of an oppressed people’s fight against invading conquerers, while Thanksgiving is about our healthy and nurturing relationship with the Indians.”

“Pretty soon,” Colbert muses, “school kids will think Thanksgiving started when the Wampanoag sat down with the Maccabees and the yams lasted for eight nights!”

Colbert proceeds to draw a menorah with his mouth, get marker on his face, and everything falls apart so badly that he breaks character in laughter around the 3:15 mark. It’s worth a watch below:

Here’s what drove the host to break character in laughter:

Colbert tried to draw a hand-menorah instead of a hand-turkey:

It didn’t go well:

He then sniffed a permanent marker:

But it got on his face:

So he tried to wash it off with hand sanitizer:

“I can’t believe I’m discussing Hanukkah and I drew a mustache right there, that is bad form!”

“That is really, really not good.”

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