Stephen Colbert passionately supports Democrats' sit-in for gun-control laws

Stephen Colbert supported the sit-in by Democrats in Congress on Wednesday to force a vote on gun-control laws.

“They’re fighting for two things 90% of Americans are in favour of: stopping terrorists from getting guns, and sitting down,” Colbert joked on Wednesday’s “Late Show.” “We all like it.”

In the demonstration on behalf of gun control following last week’s nearly 15-hour filibuster in the Senate, Democratic representatives want a vote on a gun-control bill before the House breaks July 4. In response, Paul Ryan had C-SPAN’s cameras shut off so that it couldn’t broadcast the sit-in.

Colbert wondered, “What? C-SPAN doesn’t control the cameras? If C-SPAN doesn’t control what you see, what do you span?”

In fact, it’s totally within Ryan’s abilities as Speaker of the House to have the cameras turned off. C-SPAN’s cameras are only supposed to be on when the House is in session. So when the sit-in effectively shut down the session, Ryan shut down the cameras. Without losing a beat, the Democrats used social media to share the sit-in with the public.

The host said he was “sympathetic with what the Democrats are trying to do,” but he had to point out one issue. In a clip, he showed Connecticut Representative John Larson repeating, “Rise up, Democrats. Rise up, Americans. This cannot stand,” as his colleagues began to sit down.

“Timing,” Colbert joked.

Watch what Colbert had to say about the protest below:

NOW WATCH: Watch House Democrats shout down Paul Ryan during a gun-control protest

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