Stephen Colbert turns Sean Spicer into a soap opera: 'The Bold and the Babbling'

Stephen Colbert has gotten a lot of amusement out of President Donald Trump’s White House, and that continued on Tuesday night’s “Late Show” with a parody video tackling press secretary Sean Spicer.

The show turned Spicer, known for sometimes rowdy bouts with journalists, into a character in a CBS soap opera, splicing Spicer into some melodramatic daytime television. Basically, a lot of women tell Spicer that they’re pregnant. He doesn’t offer any sympathy.

The name of Colbert’s fictional Spicer show? “The Bold and the Babbling.”

It’s worth noting that Spicer’s real press conferences sometimes get higher ratings than actual soap operas. 

Watch Colbert’s take on Sean Spicer below:


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