Stephen Colbert Says 'Iron Man 3' And 'Man Of Steel' Are 'Destroying America'

“Colbert Report”Colbert is angry “Iron Man 3” became a slave to Chinese financing.”Don’t count Stephen Colbert as one of the people who will be purchasing tickets for this summer’s upcoming blockbuster movies.

The “Colbert Report” host takes specific issue with “Man of Steel” and “Iron Man 3,” joking that they are “destroying America.”

“First of all, Superman is the quintessential American hero,” Colbert said on his show. “Yet they gave the part to some limey named Henry Cavill.”

Colbert continued to claim that the film is White House propaganda pushing President Barack Obama’s agenda.

But what Colbert is most upset over is Marvel accepting financing from China-based studio DMG Entertainment to fund “Iron Man 3.”

“To pay back their Chinese puppet masters,” Colbert stated, Marvel released another version of the film which includes “significant Chinese elements — including one of the country’s top actresses, Fan Bingbing.”

And Colbert says that makes him “angry-gry.” 

Watch his rant below:

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