Stephen Colbert slams the new healthcare bill: 'The GOP just kicked America in the balls'

Stephen Colbert bashed President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans for prematurely celebrating the victory of their controversial healthcare bill after it passed in the United States House of Representatives on Thursday.

“They did it! Obamacare is finally, officially dead!” the host said sarcastically during his opening monologue on Thursday’s “Late Show.”

He then detailed the complicated process before the plan, titled the American Health Care Act, can go into effect.

Republicans can really celebrate, the host said, “once the bill goes to the Senate then gets out of committee, is debated on the floor where amendments can be added, then the Senate votes on their bill, which is sent to the conference committee where the differences between the two bills are ironed out, then voted on in the House and Senate again, the sent to the White House for the president to sign.”

He also joked, “Which is why Republicans were chanting, ‘We’re number one… third of the way through a very complex process!'”

The new healthcare bill, a revised version of the one Republicans previously pulled from consideration when it was clear they didn’t have the votes to pass it, is intended to repeal and replace Obamacare. Among the differences from President Barack Obama’s plan, the new bill greatly strips coverage for maternity care, emergency services, and opens the door to denying coverage or raising rates on those with preexisting conditions.

Colbert also referenced a comment one reporter said White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus told her of Trump’s determination to pass the bill: “The president stepped up and helped punt the ball into the end zone.”

“Accurate, because it gets you zero points and gives your opponent good field position,” Colbert said of the incorrect metaphor. To be fair to Priebus, the reporter later clarified that she believes he actually said “punch,” not “punt.”

Colbert, who apparently hadn’t received the change memo, did offer up a new metaphor: “The GOP just kicked America in the balls.”

Watch the video below:

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