Stephen Colbert puts his late-night Trump takedowns in perspective: 'Comedy will not stop him'

Stephen colbert trumpJohn Paul Filo/CBS via APThen-candidate Donald Trump on ‘Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ in September 2015.

Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” has consistently earned the largest audience in late-night TV this year, in large part due to Colbert’s incisive takedowns of the Trump administration in his nightly monologues.

But in a new profile with Variety, the “Late Show” host put his impact as an anti-Trump voice into perspective.

“Comedy will not stop him,” Colbert said, referring to Trump. “The democratic process — that’s it. The democratic process will stop this guy. It’s the only way. That’s it.”

From Seth Meyers to Trevor Noah to “Saturday Night Live,” late-night TV hosts and programs have made skewering of the Trump administration and its supporters a routine, but none have done it with the tenacity and headline-grabbing skill of Colbert’s “Late Show.” According to the profile, Colbert and the “Late Show” staff will often rewrite monologues at the last minute to address Trump’s latest policy moves and antics.

Still, Colbert recognises that even the most cutting satire can have no tangible effect on the political sphere.

He told Variety that he is waiting “for the Republican Party to grow a pair,” or for a potential shift of Congressional seats in the 2018 mid-term elections.

“Just drop a ‘nad, and do what you know is right,” Colbert said of the GOP. “And that won’t happen until they lose the House or the Senate. And then, ‘Katie bar the door.'”

Read his Variety profile here.

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