Stephen Colbert Puts Barack Obama In The Bathtub With Jeff Neely

On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert took time to mock the House Oversight Committee’s “hard-hitting” set of hearings on the General Services Administration’s series of lavish spending sprees. And he also took issue with the general blame assigned to Barack Obama for “anything the government does when he’s in office.”

“I waited 17 minutes at the Post Office today, and there was an empty window there the whole time,” Colbert said. “Where was Obama?”

But the great mystery Colbert solved was with the photos of Neely that have emerged over the past couple days. Specifically, one of Jeff Neely in a bathtub with two glasses of wine behind him

But, he wonders: Who is that other wine glass for? And who took the picture? There’s only one person it could be: Barack Obama.

Check out the full clip, complete with photoshopped, smiling Obama in a bathtub with Neely, below.

The Colbert Report
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