Stephen Colbert badgers Paul Ryan to say he’ll accept the presidential nomination

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Stephen Colbert tried to get Paul Ryan to publicly change his mind about accepting the Republican presidential nomination in the case of a contested convention.

“The hot name on a lot of Republican lips right now is Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,” the “Late Show” host said. “They believe he would be a better alternative to Trump and [Ted] Cruz, more likely to attract moderate voters, and less likely to haunt your Robitussin-induced nightmares.”

With Trump winning New York’s primary on Tuesday, it’s becoming more likely that he’ll snag the Republican nomination. That is, if the party is unable to pull off their Plan B: a contested convention.

A contested convention becomes possible when none of the candidates is able to win a majority 1,237 delegates. In that case, on a second ballot, delegates who were pledged to a candidate start becoming free to switch their votes. That could open the door for someone like Ryan who wasn’t even running in the nominating contests.

Previously, Ryan has said that he won’t accept the nomination. But when he appeared on Tuesday night’s “Late Show,” Colbert wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Yes or no, would you accept the nomination?” Colbert asked Ryan, who was making his first late-night show appearance via satellite from Washington, DC.

“No, Stephen, I have said, ‘I do not want nor would I accept the Republican nomination.”

“Got it,” Colbert responded. “So, you’re considering the nomination?”

“No, I’m not.”

“OK. I’ll give you some time to mull this one over,” Colbert said, taking a pause. “How about now?”

“Still no.”

Clearly, Ryan was going with the comedy bit. He said no in all kinds of ways, even in other languages.

“Wow, you seem to know a lot of foreign languages,” the host responded. “That kind of international experience will really come in handy if you decide to accept the Republican nomination, sir.”

Watch Colbert press Ryan about the nomination in the video below:

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