Stephen Colbert imagines Donald Trump's 'reality show' Republican convention

Stephen Colbert thinks this could be the most exciting Republican presidential convention ever.

“Because terror is a kind of excitement, right?” the host joked on Thursday’s “Late Show.”

Political pundits and insiders are already talking about the “showbiz” event Trump plans for his presumed nomination at the convention in Cleveland, which starts July 18. His campaign is reportedly already lining up celebrities to support him there.

“This is the ultimate reality show,” Trump aide Paul Manafort says of the campaign in a clip Colbert shows. Manafort goes on to say that Trump’s team needs to make things entertaining but also “informative.”

To which Colbert responds with a clip of Meatloaf freaking out on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Another Trump aide said that the nominee’s vice-presidential pick would only come at the convention, because announcing it before would be “like announcing the winner of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ before the final show is on the air.”

“Because this year’s Republican convention will be the series finale of America,” Colbert said. Another grim joke.

So if we can expect this kind of reality show-style entertainment at the Republican convention, Colbert went ahead and created a TV ad imagining what the show will look like. It has a lot in common with Monster Jam ads.

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