WATCH: Stephen Colbert Rips Mitt Romney's 'Charm Offensive' In London

Stephen Colbert doled out some hilarious advice to Mitt Romney during a segment of The Colbert Report Thursday, encouraging him to “keep up the charm offensive” following Romney’s gaffe-worthy remarks on his concern for London’s preparedness for the Olympics

Colbert defended the presumptive GOP nominee from David Cameron’s rebuttal. The British Prime Minister told reporters that “it’s easier if you hold the Olympic games in the middle of nowhere,” a dig at Romney’s time running the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.

“Hey, buddy, Utah isn’t in the middle of nowhere,” Colbert said. “It’s in the northwest corner of nowhere.”

“You stay strong, Mitt,” Colbert added. “Remember, your next stop is Israel. I say you open your speech…with America will always stand behind you and so will Jesus Christ.”

Watch the entire segment below:

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