Stephen Colbert Marries Couple After Their Jefferson Memorial Wedding Was Cancelled By Shutdown

The government may be shut down, but Stephen Colbert is taking matters into his own hands.

“Apparently there is one downside to defunding the entire federal government,” Colbert opened Thursday’s “Colbert Report” by saying, explaining that hundreds of couples who planned to wed at national monuments and parks were told their ceremonies can no longer take place.

One such couple is Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le, who planned to wed this weekend at the Jefferson Memorial, where they had their first date.

“Well, Nation,” Colbert said, after explaining the couple’s story, “I promised you on night one of the shutdown that as leader of the Colbert Nation and Earl Lord of the Afterscape, I would provide all canceled government services, and that includes weddings.”

Colbert surprised viewers by showing off his certificate stating he is indeed an ordained minister:

The TV host threw the groom an impromptu bachelor party:

And national parks icon Smokey the Bear served as best man:

The groom got to pick his location back drop, and chose the Jefferson Memorial:

Then the bride walked down the aisle holding Colbert’s Emmy:

“Homeland” star Mandy Patinkin sang a Jewish prayer:

The groom kissed the bride as Colbert looked on:

And Tony-winning Broadway actress, Audra MacDonald, sang Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” for the couple’s first dance as husband and wife:

Watch the full wedding on “The Colbert Report” below:

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