Stephen Colbert says farewell to the fallen Marco Rubio, who 'became the Jeb Bush'

And then there were three.

Marco Rubio dropped out of the race to become the Republican presidential nominee after losing his home state of Florida to Donald Trump during Tuesday’s primaries. Now, only Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich remain in the race.

To honour Rubio’s “suspended” campaign, Stephen Colbert released his latest “Hungry for Power Games” segment. 

He called the Florida senator “the boy whose birthday party your parents made you attend” and ridiculed his concession speech in which Rubio thanked his supporters and said “there’s nothing more you could’ve done.”

“Well, you could’ve voted for him, but besides that, no,” Colbert said. “And tribute Marco leaves us after a string of triumphant third-place victories… So for the record, Florida votes yes on Jimmy Buffett, yes on releasing pythons into toilets. On Marco Rubio? No, thanks.”

Colbert later added that Rubio was “supposed to become the Jeb Bush that people liked; instead, he became the Jeb Bush.” 

With Trump as the current frontrunner, Colbert looked ahead to the future. 

“With tribute Trump marching toward Capitol City, I’d just like to say, everything’s going to be fine,” Colbert said as his voice cracked. “We gamemakers are still in full control of the games. … Prepare the escape pod to the forbidden zone!”  

Watch the segment below:

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