Donald Trump called ‘The Late Show’ as Stephen Colbert mocked his call-in interviews

Stephen Colbert interviews Donald Trump.
Stephen Colbert interviews Donald Trump. ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’/screenshot

Real-estate magnate Donald Trump calls into major cable-news shows more frequently than other presidential candidates, most of whom appear in-person for their interviews.

Stephen Colbert mocked this Trump-style interview Tuesday on “The Late Show,” during which he conducted one of these interviews with Trump.

“He does phone in to a lot of the shows where they just put up pictures of him while he talks on the phone. So I nearby challenge him to call in to my show,” Colbert said.

The late-night comedian then declared: “Bring out the ‘Trump phone’ everybody! Bring it out!”

A person then brought out the “Trump phone,” had a wig resembling Trump’s hair. When Trump called into the show, the phone’s ringer simply stated Trump’s name again and again until Colbert picked up.

“Let’s get to the first question of any phone call: What are you wearing, Donald?” Colbert asked.

Watch their interview below:


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