Stephen Colbert Shreds GOP Congressman Who Wants To Destroy The Jobs Report

Stephen Colbert Jeff Duncan

Faux conservative comedian Stephen Colbert slammed a bill introduced in early May by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) that would end most functions of the U.S. Census Bureau, including employment, GDP, and housing data.

Duncan’s bill, which has 10 Republican co-sponsors, would enable the Census Bureau to only conduct a population survey.

“You hear that, Census Bureau? Population count only! You have no right to my personal information,” Colbert said. “That belongs to Facebook.”

Colbert mocked concerns that Census data could be used to create a national gun registry or, for “something even more sinister, tracking the corn harvest.”

“It’s like that horror movie — Aggregate Yield of the Children of the Corn,” Colbert said.

As for concerns about Duncan’s bill eliminating employment data, Colbert said we already have a reliable measure — the Nielsen ratings for “Maury.”

Watch the clip below:

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