Stephen Colbert investigates a notorious Republican conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton

As a growing number of conservatives point to¬†rumours that Hillary Clinton’s health is poor, Stephen Colbert was inspired to create a new segment called “Stephen Colbert’s Tinfoil Hat” to examine that and other potential conspiracy theories on Wednesday’s “Late Show.”

To set up the segment, Colbert showed a clip of Karl Rove, deputy chief of staff under the George W. Bush administration, on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.” He used whiteboards to explain the order of events starting with a concussion that forced Clinton to push back her appearance at the 2012 Benghazi terror attack hearings. Host Megyn Kelly was unable to fight back giggles at Rove’s earnest presentation.

“Oh my God,” Colbert joked. “Hillary Clinton’s illness has already spread to Megyn Kelly, causing her vertical blindness in one eye and uncontrollable giggles, evidently.”

He then said, “There are so many things that the puppet masters of politics don’t want us to know. And tonight, I’m going to shed a light on them in my new segment, ‘The Late Show Presents Stephen Colbert’s Tinfoil Hat.'”

Colbert¬†explained that “Tinfoil Hat” is always “brought to you by Reynolds Wrap, keeping government signals out of your brain since 1999.”

He first tackled the Clinton health conspiracy: “Hillary Clinton supporters say Secretary Clinton is not ill. Oh, really? Then why is it right in her name?”

He then went on to ask the tough questions, such as:

“Is China genetically engineering super-smart babies? How else can you explain the fact that by the time they’re three, they can all speak Chinese?”

“It has not escaped my notice that bowling balls and electrical outlets both have three holes, but for some reason you’re not supposed to put your fingers in one of them or your penis in either of them. What do they not want us to experience?”

“Who’s watching the show ‘Bones’? They say it’s been on for 11 years, and yet I have no proof that it exists.”

Here’s our question: Why doesn’t Colbert actually put on a tinfoil hat for the segment? What does he know that we don’t?

Watch the new segment below:

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