Watch Stephen Colbert hilariously try to crash the DNC stage

Stephen Colbert was looking to repeat his practical joke from the Republican National Convention last week and crash the Democratic National Convention stage in Philadelphia. But he found that to be a bigger challenge.

Once again dressed like a character from “The Hunger Games,” Colbert hit the DNC looking for a way onto its main stage.

“We have arrived,” the host announced. “Behind me, you see the podium upon which Hillary Clinton will be crowned the nominee. Oh, smell that? The air is thick with [Bernie Sanders’] crushed dreams. It’s like a musk hanging in the air.”

He also tested the room’s acoustics, yelling, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

“The one thing left to do was the one thing Democrats really didn’t want me to do,” he later said. “Mount the podium where Hillary will be crowned.”

Happily flashing a “podium pass,” Colbert was still blocked from getting on the stage by security. He even tried to barter with security by asking if just his pet weasel (a stuffed one, by the way) could be onstage. That didn’t work.

Colbert even called on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for help. She answered Colbert’s call with her kids in tow.

“I need you to throw some weight around here,” Colbert told Pelosi, as she laughed. Yet even Pelosi couldn’t get Colbert past the security.

It would take some sneakiness, the guise of shooting a CBS promo, and Colbert’s own athletic prowess to finally reach his goal — even if for a fleeting moment.

“I’m not one to gloat, but I won,” a thrilled Colbert declared.

Watch the hilarious caper below:

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