Stephen Colbert tries to cheer up Ted Cruz after an embarrassing speech gaffe

Late show with stephen colbert ted cruz pep talk cbs

Ted Cruz is getting lots of flak for referring to a basketball hoop as a “ring” in a campaign speech on Tuesday, so “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert decided to try and cheer him up.

“That basketball ring is the same height everywhere in the country,” Colbert jokingly repeated Cruz’s words. “Just like how everywhere in the country, it is not called a basketball ring.”

Knowing he wouldn’t win in any of the five state primaries on Tuesday, Cruz decided to focus on upcoming Indiana. In a speech meant to reference the 1986 film “Hoosiers” — delivered in the actual Knightstown, Indiana, gymnasium featured in the movie — Cruz made the fatal mistake.

“Cruz has caught a lot of grief online for the gaffe,” the host continued. “And on top of all the losing, he’s got to be feeling really low right now. So, Ted, if you’re watching, it’s time for a halftime pep talk.”

With that, Colbert pulled on a cap and and a whistle around his neck, and proceeded to raise the Republican candidate’s spirits like his coach. Sadly for Cruz, Colbert’s inspirational speech was filled with mistaken references and misused phrases.

For example: “You got to keep bouncing that leather balloon down the wood room,” or “There’s no ‘I’ in Tim and quitters never win it.”

Watch Colbert’s pep talk for Cruz below:



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