Stephen Colbert: The 'bloodbath' battle over Trump's healthcare plan is like 'Game of Thrones'

Stephen Colbert compared President Donald Trump’s battle to get his healthcare plan passed┬áto HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

“It took the GOP forever to release this thing. They’re like the George R.R. Martins of health care,” Colbert said, referring to the author of the novels “Thrones” is based on, during his monologue on Wednesday’s “Late Show”

“And just like in ‘Game of Thrones,’ a lot of your favourite characters are going to die without warning,” he continued.

Since the healthcare plan, which repeals and replaces President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, came to light earlier this week, many of its opponents have spoken out, including many Republicans, such as┬áSenator Rand Paul, who called the plan “dead on arrival.”

“And Rand Paul knows ‘dead on arrival,’ because I believe that was his presidential campaign slogan,” Colbert joked of Paul’s presidential election run.

Trump has even threatened a “bloodbath” if Republican House members don’t push his plan through to getting passed.

“Which would be terrible,” Colbert said, “because their healthcare plan does not cover bloodbath. Again, ‘Game of Thrones.'”

Watch Colbert mock Trump’s battle to pass his healthcare plan below:

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