Stephen Colbert blasts media for showing Istanbul bomber images

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Stephen Colbert isn’t happy with the media after it widely showed graphic imagery of one of the the Istanbul bombers.

Before admonishing the media, Colbert expressed his regret over the attack, which killed 41 people and injured more than 200 others.

“All of our thoughts, and prayers, and good wishes go to the people who are suffering everywhere in the world at the hands of terrorism. This time, it’s Istanbul,” the host said. “It’s heartbreaking to see this happen over and over again.”

The host then shifted his focus to the media that decided to air one of the suicide bombers detonating the bomb he was wearing, which was captured by the Istanbul airport’s security cameras.

“Just as an aside,” Colbert continued. “I would like to say something to all the news organisations out there. Is it really necessary to show us photographs or rolling video of a terrorist exploding? That really seems like advertising for someone’s cause in a way that they may like. I don’t think that we really need to see that.”

Watch the video below:

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