Stephen Colbert had the most brutal one-liner to describe Jeb Bush’s dead campaign

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Stephen Colbert. Screenshot/YouTube

Stephen Colbert, host of “The Late Show,” paid homage to Jeb Bush’s failed presidential campaign with a soul-crushing one-liner on Monday night.
He said, ‘please clap,’ and they did,” Colbert said. “If only he had said, ‘please vote for me.'”

The quip was in reference to one of Bush’s most agonizing moments in New Hampshire earlier this month, where he received no applause after a speech on national security.

He then asked the room of supporters to “please clap.”

Although the moment was clearly an attempt at a self-deprecating joke from Bush, it both looked and sounded like a defining moment for his crumbling campaign.

The bit from Colbert was the latest instalment of his “Hungry For Power Games” segment, where he pays tribute to presidential candidates as they end their campaigns. It’s a play on the popular “Hunger Games” series.

“He had all the advantages of name recognition, but was saddled with the burden of name recognition,” Colbert said.

Bush dropped out of the race after a fourth-place finish in the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

You can watch the full clip below:

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