Stephen Colbert implores Trump to pass gun-control legislation after Las Vegas shooting

Stephen colbertYouTube/CBSStephen Colbert addresses Trump in his opening monologue.

Stephen Colbert made a direct plea to the president for stricter gun control in his opening monologue on “The Late Show” Monday night.

“This afternoon the president called [the Las Vegas mass shooting] an act of pure evil. And I think he’s right,” Colbert said. “So what then are we willing to do to combat pure evil?” Colbert asked.

Colbert expressed his sympathies to victims of the shooting that took place in Las Vegas Sunday night, which left 59 dead, and 527 people injured, before addressing Trump directly. 

Colbert asked Trump to consider a number of different approaches, such as universal background checks, denying mentally ill people from purchasing guns, reinstating the assault weapons ban, or anything else Trump deems to be a “better answer.”

“Doing nothing is cowardice. Doing something will take courage,” Colbert said.

Colbert advised Trump to ignore the Republican party, saying that Trump owes it nothing, and that it never wanted him to be president in the first place. 

“Do something the last two presidents haven’t been able to do: Pass any kind of common sense gun legislation that the vast majority of Americans want,” Colbert said, addressing Trump.

Colbert concluded the segment by imploring Trump to consider the possibilities and make a change. “Think about what you need to do, and then pray for the courage to do it,” Colbert said.

You can watch Colbert’s monologue here:

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