Stephen Colbert gave Hillary Clinton some advice on winning over anti-Trump Republicans

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential candidate, Stephen Colbert decided to give Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton some campaign advice for the general election on Thursday’s “Late Show.”

It’s no secret that the Republican party has been divided in its support of Trump. So Clinton wants to bring some of those anti-Trump Republicans to her side.

“[Hillary Clinton] figures she can pick up some votes, because no GOP candidate has been so reviled by the establishment since their 1884 nominee, Tub-o-beef-tallow-in-a-top-hat. She’s appealing to what’s called ‘thoughtful Republicans.’ So that would be people who want to repeal gay marriage with a nice, handwritten note.”

Colbert decided to give Clinton a hand in a segment called “Just the Tip: Courting Republicans Edition.”

Colbert presented four ways to win over disgruntled Republicans. One of Colbert’s tips, for example, is about how to behave when approaching them.

“Don’t yell — they will say you sound shrill. But don’t be too calm — they will say you’re an ice queen. Other than that, just be yourself!” he said.

The rest of the tips deal with focusing on mutual anger with Bill Clinton, and annoyance with Ted Cruz and Barack Obama.

Watch the segment below:

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