ESPN Talking Head Thought An Article On 'The Onion' About Him Was Real

Stephen A Smith

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Satire website The Onion published a piece entitled “Stephen A. Smith Thinking Son Is Finally Ready For The Sex Argument.” The article “quoted” ESPN talking head Smith as saying it was time he talked to his nine-year-old son about “the birds and the bees.”The story was rather harmless, and also, satire.

But Smith must have been unaware of what The Onion does. He sent out a series of Tweets, which he has since deleted, ranting about how people are constantly making of despicable lies about him (tweets via Big Lead Sports):

stephen a smith tweets

Shortly after these tweets, Smith realised it was all a joke. Then he deleted all of them… But we are glad Smith knows what The Onion is now.

stephen a smith tweets

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