'Australia's Sarah Palin' Mocked Mercilessly After Saying Islam Is A Country

A woman who is vying for a spot in Australia’s federal election is finding herself the subject of online attention after making some puzzling comments about Islam.

Dubbed “Australia’s Sarah Palin,” Stephanie Banister hopes to be the right-wing One Nation party’s candidate for the Brisbane seat of Rankin.

But this election might not work out for her — Banister is facing charges for allegedly putting stickers on Nestle products in a Brisbane store that say “halal food funds terrorism,” according to local news reports.

In the interview embedded below, Banister refers to Islam as a “country” and say that kosher food for Jews is ok because they “follow Jesus Christ.”

As the country’s election season approaches, things are getting weird in Australia — one politician gave a historically terrible interview earlier this week, while another has been in the news for sending nude pictures to a mistress.

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