Step Inside The $125 Million Estate Where Yammer's CEO Threw A Huge Birthday Bash

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Photo: Redfin

Did your invitation to Yammer CEO David Sacks‘ insane 40th birthday bash get lost in the mail? Funny, so did ours.Even though there was a supposed social media blackout on the party, a few tweets and photos made their way out of the Holmby Hills estate where it all went down.

And since the mansion itself is one the market–for a mere $125 million–we can take a peek inside the venue. We think it was the perfect choice for a “Let him eat cake”-themed party.

The home, which philanthropist Suzanne Saperstein relisted in July 2011, has 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, ballroom, two kitchens, massive movie theatre, pool, tennis courts, and a nine-car garage.

The guests entered the home through this private, gated entrance way

The mansion sits on four acres of prime Los Angeles property

It was only built in 2002

Here's the pool and outdoor seating area--perfect for a party

Marble floors--reminiscent of 18th century France

We hope Sacks' guests didn't destroy the decor

Lots of space for eating and drinking

Another living room area--there's more than enough room here for 350 guests

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