Iowa restaurant sparks outrage for charging Trump voters higher prices

StellaStellaStella Iowa City.

An Iowa restaurant is under fire for reportedly discriminating against Trump voters.

Stella restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa is accused of charging a $10 entry fee to Trump supporters this weekend, while charging a $5 fee to Clinton supporters, CBS2 reports.

Now Stella is getting slammed with dozens of negative reviews on Yelp and Google, calling it “disgusting,” “unprofessional,” and a “disaster.”

The restaurant appears to have removed its Facebook page as a result.

Customer Eric Stelter wrote about the incident in a Google review.

He said he visited the restaurant with his wife this weekend and saw a sign on the door that read: “Yes this is discrimination but you voted for it.” Then a bouncer asked who Stelter and his wife voted for, according to his review.

“By far one of my favourite restaurants in Iowa City that’s why it’s painful to write this review,” Stelter wrote.

“He proceeds to tell us that we need to state who we voted for before we can come in, if we voted for Trump our cover was $10.00 if we voted for Hillary the cover was $5.00,” Stelter write. “My wife and I laughed it off but after 5 minutes of this completely drunk bouncer going off on Trump voters we decided this is not the type of establishment we want to support.”

StellaFacebook/StellaStella’s Facebook page before it was removed.

Stelter said it was “painful” for him to write the negative review because Stella is “by far” one of his favourite restaurants in Iowa City.

“It’s very confusing that Stella’s would make such a stand against President Elect Trump for their beliefs that he is discriminatory but yet have their own staff do the same thing that supposedly they’re against,” Stelter wrote. “It’s very sad to say but I will not be giving my business to Stella’s nor their partner restaurants.”

Business Insider was unable to reach Stella for comment.

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