Paul McCartney's Daughter Is A Huge Hit In Her Own Right

stella mccartney

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Stella McCartney has made a name for herself outside of her famous dad. And the 41-year-old designing superstar has a pretty fantastic life. 

McCartney has a London townhouse and a gorgeous country home. She counts celebrities like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow among her best friends. 

She also dresses some of the most famous women in the world. 

While her big name put her at an advantage, there’s no doubt McCartney is very artistic and talented. You won’t believe how much money she’s made on her own. 

She replaced Karl Lagerfeld at Chloe when she was only 25.

The claws came out.

'I think they should have taken a big name,

Her best friend is Gwyneth Paltrow.

Paltrow said she appreciates Stella's tough, 'ghetto' side. The two have been friends for decades, but have bonded even more closely since their children are the same age.

Paltrow is also married to a Brit--Coldplay singer Chris Martin--and lives close to McCartney.

She's also good friends with Madonna.

The two are often photographed around London together. McCartney also designed Madonna's wedding gown when she married Guy Ritchie in Scotland.

Her wedding was the social event of the year and included a big surprise.

McCartney's husband arranged for a thoroughbred horse to run through the trees. The couple also arranged an elaborate dance routine.

Kate Moss and Pierce Brosnan attended. Paltrow was a bridesmaid. There was also an extensive fireworks display.

This is her husband.

His name is Alasdhair Willis and he's a magazine publisher. Like his wife, Willis is quite fashion-forward: David Beckham hired him to be his style guru. He's been married to McCartney for nearly a decade.

She has this amazing London townhouse.

Though it's currently for sale. Critics have said the design is too plain, but no one can knock the home's spacious floorplan or perfect, Notting Hill location.

She also has this country home.

McCartney and her husband restored the house and she takes her four kids there most weekends. The home is known for its gorgeous gardens, which Vogue did a feature on last year.

McCartney said she loves to ride her horses on the grounds there.

Kate Middleton loves her dresses.

She's often pictured wearing McCartney's designs, most recently at an event for the London Olympics. Like most of the designs Middleton wears, the gown sold out almost immediately.

She's estimated to have $75 million of self-made money.

Her fashion house, Adidas brand, kids line and Disney collaboration makes her wealthy independent of her famous dad.

Her designs are almost unanimously praised by critics, and she's worth more if you consider the value of her companies.

Her optical illusion dress was lauded as the design of the year in 2011.

Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz and Jane Fonda all stepped out in the design, which managed to accentuate curves while slimming the waist and hips.

The dress first caused a sensation when Winslet wore it to the Venice Film Festival.

She parties with Anne Hathaway, Jim Carrey and Anna Wintour.

Over the summer, the celebrities attended an afterparty for one of her fashion shows. The party included a lemonade stand, a Ferris wheel of food and model hostesses wearing her designs.

In 2010, she collaborated with Disney.

McCartney designed an Alice In Wonderland-inspired jewelry collection, which was released in conjunction with the movie directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter.

Tennis stars including Caroline Wozniacki wear her athletic apparel.

She designed a tennis line with Adidas. McCartney designed every aspect of Wozniaki's outfit, from the visor to the shoes. The line is available at Nordstrom and other department stores.

She gets backstage access at her dad's concerts.

She also has an excellent singing voice and is known to sing along to the former Beatles' tunes. She goes to his concerts whenever she's in the same city.

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