Stella McCartney: There's This Elitism In Fashion That Always Felt Wrong

stella mccartney

Photo: Screengrab from Pardon My French

Stella McCartney has made herself a big name in fashion, but when she first interacted with the industry, she felt turned off by it.Fashion blogger Garance Doré at Pardon My French sat down with McCartney to talk about all sorts of things and the designer opened up about the elitism of luxury fashion.

“I aspired to this kind of glamorous world. You know, the moments I had contact with it, it didn’t feel like it welcomed me,” said McCartney.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t know if it was just me or if maybe it was the case or has been the case in luxury, luxury fashion where there is this sense that, you know, you’re not good enough to really be part of this brand. Or maybe you’re not thin enough, or maybe you’re not cool enough.

And I picked up on that. Maybe it’s because I’m a woman too and you know I was a customer. I felt that a lot growing up in the Nineties and it really stuck with me anyway. And I just have never believed in that elitism. You know, it’s just… it’s always felt wrong to me.” 

Check out Doré’s full interview with McCartney below:

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