Stella Is Selling Special "Hedge Fund" Branded Beer

hedge fund beer 2

Stella Artois is in the middle of a fun “hedge fund” campaign.

Every time someone buys a case of their “hedge fund” beer, they’ll donate money to plant hedges across Britain.

Here’s their plan:

You buy a case of Stella.

Stella grows a hedge which, “when it is fully established,” will be 3 times the size of a Stella case (see photo).

They say it takes 75 packs to fund a proper hedge that is 3.5 feet of a fully grown hedge (6.6 feet tall and 5 feet wide).

hedge fund beer

Beer in the special “Hedge Fund” pack of Stella doesn’t taste any different, it just looks cooler (see left).

So far though, the Belgian beer company seems to have limited their campaign to the UK, which is upsetting.

We have sent an email to Stella PR anyway, asking them to bring the campaign over to the US, too.

Here’s a funny TV commercial about the campaign:

Image Credits: Stella Hedge Fund Campaign.

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