Steinbrenner Family Bars Little Old Lady From Cashing In On Early Love Letters

You must not miss your old Georgie very much.

77-year-old Mary Jane Schriner wanted to publish a book about the letters she got from the late Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner, back when he was a doting 16-year-old filled with “Pools and Puddles of Purple Passion.”But the Steinbrenner family just told her no. There goes the book.

This has Mary Jane’s son, Michael Shchriner, upset. We understand: All the cash registers going off in his head just went silent.

“[Yankees COO] Lonn [Trost] could not have been more of a bully,” Michael Schriner told the New York Times.

“George looks so great in the letters. We wanted his kids to see the letters. But no one wants to mess with the Steinbrenners. People are afraid of them.”

Mary Jane is more philosophical.

“I tried to put myself in George’s wife’s position,” she told the Times.

“Maybe it’s hurtful to hear that someone else had a relationship with him. But I was 16. There’s nothing in those letters to upset her. They’re sort of boring.”

Maybe the Steinbrenners don’t want the letters published because George comes off pushy in them. In one, he writes, “You must not miss your old Georgie very much.”

You can read Mary Jane’s reflections on Steinbrenner at the New York Times and on her personal blog.

For what it’s worth, Yankees fans commenting on Mary Jane’s blog post seem to very much want to read more about the deceased owner of their favourite franchise.

Writes one:

As a lifelong New Yorker and Yankees fan, I am completely familiar with George Steinbrenner’s tenure as the team’s owner, a time in which he not only brought a great franchise to new heights, but firmly established himself — for better or worse –as “The Boss.” Reading Mary Jane’s recollections were really a breath of fresh air in that they presented the young George in a new light, served to humanize him and allowed readers a glimpse at the softer side of his life never publicized in New York. Thank you, Mary Jane. I now feel I know him just a little bit better.

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