Steggles Suppliers Said Chickens Were Free To Roam But They Were Actually In Cramped Sheds

Photo: Getty/Joern Pollex

While two of the country’s biggest poultry suppliers said Steggles chickens were “free to roam” Australia’s Federal Court has found they were actually kept in cramped sheds.

The phrase “free to roam” conjures images of chickens in a lush, open field, enjoying their lives before they become snap-frozen nuggets.

Baiada Poultry Pty Ltd and Bartter Enterprises Pty Ltd, the processors and suppliers of Steggles branded chicken products, used the phrase in advertising, implying their chickens — while not treated to a field — were free to roam in a large barn.

Instead, according to the Federal Court’s judgement: at times in their growth cycle the chickens “could not move more than a metre or so (at most) without having their further movement obstructed by a barrier of clustered birds”.

There will be a hearing on 12 July to decide a penalty for the companies.

You can read the full ACCC release here.

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