TERRIFYING Moment As A Race Horse Leaps Into A Crowd Of Spectators In Australia

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It’s Derby Week in America, but racing fans in Australia are distraught after a horse lost its rider and leaped into a crowd of spectators at a major steeplechase event.Two people — An 80-year-old woman and a two-year-old boy — remain hospitalized after yesterday’s accident at the Grand Annual Steeplechase in Warrnambool.

The horse, named Banna Strand, lost its rider and then bolted off course, eventually jumping over a six-foot fence, where neither the animal or the people could see what was coming.

This news report from the Herald Sun has video of the accident.


The incident has only led to more calls to ban the controversial and much more dangerous steeplechase form of racing. Only two of the eight horses that started the Warrnambool race were able to finish, and another horse had to be put down after falling on a jump the day before.

You see more photos and video of the incident at the Herald Sun website. (via Deadspin)