Steelers reportedly forced to evacuate hotel at 3 a.m. after man pulls fire alarm in false emergency

The Pittsburgh Steelers may not have a full night of sleep as they go into the biggest game of their season.

According to reports, the Steelers and other guests of a Boston-area hotel were forced to evacuate at 3 a.m. Sunday after a man pulled a fire alarm.

Emergency crews responded to the scene as the guests had to leave the hotel in the middle of the night. According to CBS Pittsburgh, the alarms went off for about 30 minutes before emergency crews declared it a false alarm and allowed guests to return to their rooms.

According to ESPN, Massachusetts State Police apprehended and charged a man for pulling the fire alarm. ESPN reports that Dennis Harrison, 25, of East Boston, pulled the alarm then fled into a car where two people were waiting for him. He’s been charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace and pulling a false fire alarm.

While it’s unclear if the incident has anything to do with the Steelers’ AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots on Sunday, some are raising their eyebrows.

While a 30-minute disturbance isn’t a huge deal, it’s also not ideal to go into a conference championship game with less than a full night of a sleep.

The Steelers and Patriots kick off at Gillette Stadium at 6:40 p.m ET. 

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