Steam Launches A Game-Streaming Service To Compete With Twitch

Popular games marketplace Steam just announced its own live streaming feature to compete with Twitch.

Steam is basically an app store for PC and Mac games. It’s calling the new feature “Broadcasting,” according to The Next Web.

With over 100 million active users, Steam is already a hub for gamers using a PC or Mac instead of a game console.

Like Twitch, Steam’s Broadcasting feature will allow users to both live stream their own games or drop in and observe a friend’s gaming session.

Steam BroadcastingSteamYou’ll be able to stream, watch, or join a player’s game.

This means that if a friend is having trouble with a level, you could tune in to their live stream and offer advice, or if you own the same game, you could enter the game with them and help them out.

Steam is known for its avid following of PC gamers, many of which already use Twitch and Steam in tandem. Because of this, Broadcasting makes a lot of sense for Steam, essentially eliminating the need for players to use multiple programs when they’re gaming.

Live-streaming services have gained massive popularity in the last five years, and with Twitch’s recent acquisition by Amazon for $US970 million, Steam is clearly eager to enter into the streaming space.

Broadcasting is a beta feature of Steam for now, but anyone can enable the feature by signing up for the ongoing Steam Beta here.

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