Steak Lovers Rejoice—A Slew Of New Steak Cuts Are Being Served At Restaurants


Photo: Photo courtesy of Charlie Palmer Group

Hey Wall Street, we all know your bonuses sucked last year, so this is for all you new penny pinchers.Several new cuts of steak are being introduced at steakhouses and supermarkets that are cheaper than premium cuts in order to meet consumer demand for cheaper food amidst a bad economy and rising food prices, according to a lengthy report from the Wall Street Journal.

The effort to introduce new cuts of steak also help steakhouses diversify from the stereotypical image of a pricey dinner in rustic tavern-esque atmosphere, the WSJ reported.

Some of the new cuts that are being used increasingly at restaurants include

  • Flat iron: Very tender cut from a chuck or shoulder and increasing in popularity; usually costs between $12 to $15.
  • Denver: Cut from shoulder, usually used for pot roast, but now increasingly being pushed to be used at steakhouses.
  • Coulotte: Cut from top sirloin. Restaurants now cut top sirloin into coulotte and filet of sirloin for smaller, cheaper steaks.
  • Tri-Tip: Cut from bottom sirloin, it is easy to grill and often sold in California.

Despite their cheaper price tag, all these new cuts seem amazing. We’ll be sure to alert you when these cuts show up in any places in New York.

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Read the whole WSJ piece here >

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