This village of tiny houses in the Arctic is actually a hotel — and it's about as far away from other humans as you can get

Courtesy of Dave CornthwaiteThe Arctic Hideaway under the Northern Lights.
  • The Arctic Hideaway is a hotel on a remote island off the coast of Norway, and you can stay in one of its tiny houses for $US270 per night.
  • The island is so remote you have to charter a boat or take a ferry. There are no cars or restaurants on the island.
  • Most go to The Arctic Hideaway to experience the Northern Lights up close.
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The tiny house movement is sweeping the globe – and can even be found on a remote island in Norway.

This village of 10 tiny houses is actually The Arctic Hideaway, a hotel made up of 10 tiny houses, five of which you can stay in overnight.

Keep scrolling to find out what it’s like to stay in some of the world’s most isolated tiny houses.

If you take a boat to Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær, you will find The Arctic Hideaway.

Courtesy of @pierrewikbergThe Arctic Hideaway.

Located off the coast of Norway, the hotel was opened in 2014 by Håvard Lund, a Norwegian jazz musician. At times, it acts as an artists’ retreat where musicians, writers, and other creatively inclined people come to detach from society and focus on their craft.

The isolated hotel is made up of 10 tiny houses that sit on the edge of the island.

Courtesy of Martin LosvikThe Arctic Hideaway.

Five of the tiny houses are for guests to sleep in during their stay.

You can stay in one of the houses for $US272 per night.

Courtesy of Jesse BeamenInside the Arctic Hideaway.

The houses have double and single beds that cost about 2500 NOK per night, which is $US272, according to the current exchange rate. You can also rent out the entire village for private events.

The other tiny houses in the village act as a kitchen, a bathhouse, a sauna, and an open studio.

Courtesy of Jesse BeamenInside the Arctic Hideaway.

“The houses are built to connect you as a guest to nature, each house with its own function,” Linn Tove Øyahals, the manager, told Insider.

The building that houses the kitchen is a communal space for guests.

Courtesy of Kathrine SørgårdThe kitchen table.

Since there are no stores or restaurants on the island, guests have to cook their own food. The kitchen house is stocked with ingredients for visitors to cook during their stay.

On the pier, you can escape the cold weather at the hotel’s sauna.

Courtesy of The Arctic HideawayThe sauna.

In the sauna, you can find a wood stove and a changing room.

“Catch the sunrise from the tower house, enjoy the views from the lounge, take a swim in the ocean, and warm up in the sauna,” Tove Øyahals said.

One of the most unique aspects of the hotel is its remote location.

Courtesy of Martin LosvikThe Arctic Hideaway.

To get to The Arctic Hideaway, you need to fly to Oslo and then take another plane to Bodø, which takes around an hour and a half. From there, you can take a ferry to Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær, or the hotel can help charter a boat for you. Boat trips to the island are often cancelled due to bad weather.

Once on the island, there is no way to get around, as cars are not allowed.

However, there’s still plenty to do on the island and its surrounding areas.

Courtesy of Martin LosvikFishing at The Arctic Hideaway.

The hotel offers fishing tours, bird watching, rock climbing, and hiking.

Because of harsh weather conditions, the hotel said it’s best to plan ahead to get the most out of your experience.

Courtesy of Jesse BeamenThe Arctic Hideaway.

It’s almost always cold on the island, even in the summer. The hotel advises guests pack wool jackets and clothing.

From November to January, there is no sunlight. You can only see the stars, moons, and planets, according to the hotel website. Meanwhile, the sun is up 24 hours a day between May and August.

But the biggest draw to The Arctic Hideaway is its views of the northern lights.

Courtesy of Martin LosvikThe Arctic Hideaway during the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights – also known as the aurora borealis – is a colourful spectacle that happens in the night sky.

“The hideaway is as much a mindset as it is a physical location,” Tove Øyahals said.

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