Some of the lights went out at the Statue of Liberty and people are asking questions

Some of the lights surrounding the Statue of Liberty appeared to go dark on Tuesday night, without explanation from the National Parks Service. Views from live-streamed cameras via EarthCam appeared to show parts of Lady Liberty standing in darkness, aside from her crown and torch.

Here is how it looked as of Tuesday, 11:45 p.m. ET:

Statue of liberty2Screenshot via EarthCamA view of the Statue of Liberty with only its torch illuminated

And here’s how Lady Liberty normally looks:

Notably, Wednesday is the International Women’s Day, which will feature rallies, marches, and strikes across the US. An official Twitter account for the Women’s March took note of the lights out at the iconic statue, saying in a tweet Tuesday night: “Lady Liberty got the memo. On 3/8, we strike!” 

NOW WATCH: Secrets of the Statue of Liberty

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