The 15 states with the most CEOs

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesHubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy.

The United States is full of CEOs – 195,530, to be exact.

Using data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), we found which states have the highest concentration of chief executives. California topped the list by a wide margin, with 30,290 CEOs, while runner-up Florida had 20,860. Many of the Golden State’s top execs come from the tech industry, including Tim Cook (Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook). Florida has a wide range of businesses, including supermarket chain Publix and cruises such as Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

According to BLS’s data, the average California CEO makes $US228,270 a year, while the average Florida CEO makes a relatively smaller $US187,870 a year. However, the avergae CEO of an S&P 500 company made over $US1 million a month in 2018. CEO salaries have drawn criticism in recent years for being large relative to average company salary. For example, the CEO of McDonald’s earned 3,101 times what an average McDonald’s employee earned.

Some of the richest names in business didn’t make the list, though. Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is based in Washington, which is home to only 3,690 CEOs.

Here are the 15 states with the most CEOs.

Ohio has 4,420 CEOs

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesFran Horowitz, CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 0.815

Average annual salary: $US201,100

Utah has 4,850 CEOs

Slaven Vlasic/Getty ImagesRuzwana Bashir, founder & CEO of Peek.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 3.33

Average annual salary: $US165,020

Wisconsin has 5,240 CEOs

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty ImagesJonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.841

Average annual salary: $US154,820

Texas has 5,260 CEOs

Mikhail Klimentyev/Getty ImagesBen van Beurden, CEO of Shell.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 0.434

Average annual salary: $US239,680

Virginia has 5,760 CEOs

AFP/Stringer/Getty ImagesChristopher J. Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Hotels.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.502

Average annual salary: $US228,540

Minnesota has 5,970 CEOs

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesHubert Joly, CEO of Best Buy.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 2.083

Average annual salary: $US195,320

Georgia has 6,260 CEOs

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesEd Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.424

Average annual salary: $US218,590

Pennsylvania has 6,540 CEOs

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesBrian L. Roberts, CEO of Comcast.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.118

Average annual salary: $US231,120

Arizona has 6,630 CEOs

Roslan Rahman/Getty ImagesWilliam Amelio, CEO of Avnet.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 2.375

Average annual salary: $US194,360

Tennessee has 6,680 CEOs

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 2.259

Average annual salary: $US152,730

Massachusetts has 7,990 CEOs

Care.comSheila Marcelo, CEO of

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 2.236

Average annual salary: $US221,810

Illinois has 9,650 CEOs

Jim Young-Pool/Getty ImagesDennis Muilenburg, CEO of Boeing.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.611

Average annual salary: $US230,070

New York has 10,430 CEOs

Virginia Sherwood/NBCUniversalStephen Burke, CEO of NBCUniversal.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.111

Average annual salary: $US220,040

Florida has 20,860 CEOs

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 2.423

Average annual salary: $US187,870

California has 30,290 CEOs

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesTim Cook, CEO of Apple.

CEOs per 1,000 jobs: 1.781

Average annual salary: $US228,270

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