These 9 states are seeing the biggest boost from American migration


States in the West are seeing outsized increases in population from American migration.

The US Census Bureau’s “American Community Survey” asks a set of questions about economics, demographics, social characteristics, and housing to about 1% of the US population each year. Among the many topics on the survey, respondents are asked whether they moved houses in the previous year and, if so, where their previous house was.

A handful of mostly Western states and Washington, DC, had 4% or more of their population moving there in the previous year:

  • Washington, DC: 8.7%
  • Wyoming: 4.6%
  • Alaska: 4.3%
  • Idaho: 4.3%
  • Colorado: 4.1%
  • Hawaii: 4.1%
  • Nevada: 4.1%
  • Arizona: 4.0%
  • New Hampshire: 4.0%
  • North Dakota: 4.0%

This map shows the percentage of each state’s population over the age of one year who responded that they had moved from a house in a different state in the previous year, according to the 2016 ACS one-year estimates:

State migrationBusiness Insider/Andy Kiersz, data from US Census Bureau

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