UPDATE: Prosecutors, Zimmerman's Lawyers Fight To Block Key Evidence From Reaching The Public

george zimmerman trayvon martin crime sceneGeorge Zimmerman

Photo: Florida State Attorney

UPDATE: The Orlando Sentinel is taking issue with Florida prosecutors’ contention that George Zimmerman’s statements are exempt from the Sunshine State’s open records law.The Sentinel is reporting it and other media outlets filed a motion to prevent a Florida judge from sealing evidence in the Zimmerman case.

The media outlets argue Zimmerman’s claims of self-defence are not a confession and therefore are not shielded from public records laws.

Original: New evidence in the Trayvon Martin murder trial could emerge in the next few weeks, but both sides are reportedly fighting the release of a voice stress test that defendant George Zimmerman took after the shooting.

The Florida State Attorney office announced the second round of discovery evidence could be released after Thursday.

But before media outlets get their hands on the new information, a Florida judge will decide if some evidence should be re-sealed.

Florida judge Kenneth Lester will decide Friday whether a voice stress test that indicates Zimmerman was telling the truth when he claimed he shot Martin in self-defence should be kept out of the public eye, Click Orlando reported last week.

Both the state and the defence want the voice stress test kept under wraps, citing the test isn’t reliable and could prejudice the public.

Zimmerman is facing second-degree murder charges for shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman’s team of attorneys is also fighting to keep his emails and text messages sealed. His lawyers are asking Lester to block the release of about 1,000 emails Zimmerman sent to the city of Sanford about the case, Click Orlando reported.

Media lawyers are expected to attend Friday’s hearing, arguing the public has a right to know the information.

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