These Maps Show Where People From Different States Like To Vacation

Desti, a travel planning app, just released a series of maps that show where people from different states like to travel most.

The app analysed travel searches performed by its registered users to collect data on where they are from and where they want to go.

“People in every state search more out of state than in state [for vacation],” Desti’s founder and CEO Nadev Gur wrote in an email to Business Insider, “But Californians do the most in-state travel by far.”

Other travel trends include Florida as a popular destination for people who live east of Texas, California as a popular destination for Floridians, and Texas and Tennessee as popular destinations in the South and West.

Florida is a popular place to travel for the eastern half of the U.S., while California wins the western half of the country.

People who live in Connecticut come to New York all the time, and surprisingly people from New Mexico make the trip fairly often as well.

New Yorkers plan a lot of vacations in Florida and California, but don’t visit Idaho or North Dakota.

Not surprisingly, people from Nevada love to travel to California, but people from as far east as New Jersey and Vermont make the trip as well.

Californians visit the surrounding states like Nevada quite a bit. They also travel to New York pretty often.

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