'State-Sponsored Attackers' Are Attacking My Gmail Account

So I signed into Gmail this afternoon and I got this very distressing message:

gmail attack

Photo: Business Insider

Now it doesn’t specify China, but they are known to be big proponents of “state-sponsored” attacks on journalists’ email accounts and I have been writing a lot more about China recently.

Luckily Google provides some advice on what to do next and how to increase your security:

  • Watch out about where you sign in to Google and look out for fake sign-in pages. They also have tips for a safe password.
  • Make sure to use up-to-date software, and they use this to plug the Chrome browser, which “has an auto-updating security feature to reduce the risk associated with running out-of-date software.”
  • Enable Google’s 2-step verification, which sends a second password to your phone when you sign in. Annoying but safe.

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