The State Torpedoes George Zimmerman's Request For A New Judge

george zimmerman in courtGeorge Zimmerman

Photo: AP Images

Round 2!The Florida State Attorney Office has responded to a motion filed last week by George Zimmerman’s defence team asking that Judge Kenneth Lester be disqualified from the case.

The defence claimed Lester favoured the prosecution and was predisposed to hate the neighbourhood watchman, who’s facing second-degree murder charges in the February shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

The state blasted the defence for criticising Lester, saying lead defence attorney Mark O’Mara has let the case play out in the public domain and can’t get upset now when public opinion turns against his client.

“If a party doesn’t like a court’s findings, that doesn’t mean they have the right to ask for a new judge,” the state claims a motion filed Tuesday, adding that “counsel himself has, in public, to the media, on more than one occasion, proclaimed essentially the same things he now contends make he and his client ‘concerned’ about being treated ‘fairly.’” (emphasis theirs.)

But the state wasn’t done yet.

After noting that Lester is the second judge the defence has tried to disqualify, prosecutors claimed the current motion “is long on conjecture and irrelevant and inaccurate bombast […] and short on actual fact, and devoid of legal merit.” (emphasis theirs.)

O’Mara and company have yet to respond to the state’s motion on Zimmerman’s legal defence website.

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